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What is WOEID?

A WOEID (Where On Earth Identifier) is a unique 32-bit reference identifier, originally defined by GeoPlanet and now assigned by Yahoo!, that identifies any feature on Earth.In 2009, Yahoo! released GeoPlanet's WOEID data to the public, with the last release on 1 June 2012, after which Yahoo! decided to cease making the data downloadable until they "determine a better way to surface the data as a part of the service".

Thus, WOEID is a unique identification number for countries, states, and cities across the world, developed by Yahoo and GeoPlanet. This simple yet very robust concept originally defined by GeoPlanet, allows you to get precise location data - weather, twitter trends, coordinates and much more.

You can find WOEID of all the countries, states, and cities on this site. Moreover, you can also explore Twitter trends of various places, weather of any particular place and information about any country.