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National Flag of Lebanon
National Flag of Lebanon
WOEID of Lebanon


About Lebanon

The Lebanese flag is the flag of the country named Lebanon. Lebanon is located in continent Western Asia. More specifically in . Lebanon has 2 neighbouring countries.

The total surface area of Lebanon is 10452 km2 and the total population of Lebanon is 5988000. Hence the population density of Lebanon is 572.905 per km2.The co-ordinates of Lebanon are 33.83333333˚ Latitude and 35.83333333˚ Longitude. Gini Index of Lebanon is . Gini Index is a measure of statistical dispersion intended to represent the income or wealth distribution of a nation's residents, and is the most commonly used measurement of inequality.

ل.ل (LBP) is the currency of Lebanon. Lebanon has the unique two-letter country code, Lebanon has .LB as a Internet top-level domain or TLD, its three-letter country code or Alpha-3 Code is LBN, and its three-digit country code 422. The calling code for Lebanon is 961. You can explore various other details of Lebanon like codes, currencies, translations, languages in the tables below:

Capital of Lebanon


Population of Lebanon


Area of Lebanon

10452 km2

Various Codes of Lebanon
Alpha-2 CodeLB
Alpha-3 CodeLBN
Numeric Code422
Caalling Code(s)961
Currencies of Lebanon
NameLebanese pound
Timezones of Lebanon
  • UTC+02:00
Translations of Lebanon
Languages of Lebanon
1.ISO 639-1ar
ISO 639-2ara
Native Nameالعربية
2.ISO 639-1fr
ISO 639-2fra
Native Namefrançais
Alternate Names of Lebanon
  • LB
  • Lebanese Republic
  • Al-Jumhūrīyah Al-Libnānīyah
Top Level Domain of Lebanon


Native Name of Lebanon


Regional Associations of
  • AL (Arab League)

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