How to see top trends on Twitter?

Twitter Trends

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What are Twitter Trends?

A Twitter Trend is simply a word, a phrase, or a hashtag that has more tweets per unit time in comparison to other topics or hashtags. Twitter Trends are determined by its algorithm and made visible to users on the “Trending” tab on their Twitter Application according to their location. But, you can also explore Trending Hashtags of other countries.

Some topics goes trending on twitter when users tweet on the same topic in a short period. In other words, a topic goes trending when it’s tweet volume(No. of Tweets) increases gradually at some location. Consequently, that topic becomes a trending topic on Twitter. This also happens when users are prompted to tweet about an event or a particular day. For Example: Every Christmas, Topics and Hashtags such as Christmas, Christmas2020, #Christmas, #Christmas2020 and more goes trending on Twitter.

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Explore Trending Twitter Hashtags

You can explore trending twitter hashtags around your location and know what is trending today and what’s going on in current topics. You can also know Twitter trends of other places, which we will see later on. There are a couple of methods to find out twitter trends. Let’s have a look at them.


You can find out Trending Twitter Topics on or Twitter iOS and Android mobile application too.

  1. Go to “#Explore” menu on web application or mobile application to find out trending twitter topics.
How to see top trends on Twitter-Step1

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2. Under #Explore menu, you’ll see many tabs like Suggestions for you, that shows tweets according to your previous engagements and interests. The “Trending” tab shows trending topics for your current location. The other tabs are categories where tweets are scrutinized under News, Politics, Entertainment and more.

Here the current location is taken as United States and hence it shows trending topics of United States.

How to see top trends on Twitter-Step2

3. You can now find out twitter trends of other countries around the world. You can toggle Explore settings from the gear icon as shown in the Figure. Under Explore Locations you can change the location to explore twitter trends of that place.

How to see top trends on Twitter-Step3

4. Here we change the location to India to find out twitter trending topics of India. As shown below, you can explore India trends and know what is trending in India or any other country by simply manipulating the explore location.

How to see top trends on Twitter-Step4

This was the method to find current twitter trending topics. These trending topics change frequently as twitter is a massive social media platform nowadays to express opinions, thoughts and views regarding any topic.


Since twitter trends are dynamic and change frequently as millions of tweets are published on Twitter every second. Nations24 has a solution for this – Nations24 is a platform to find past 24 hours trending twitter topics of more than 450+ places on the earth and Twitter Trend Analysis of a particular hashtag or a topic. Moreover, you can also discover world wide trending twitter hashtags exclusively on Nations24.

Trending in United States - Nations24

You can also visualize the trend analysis chart of any hashtag or topic for any location if tweet volume for a hashtag or topic exists. It gives you an overview since how much time the topic is trending on twitter and with how many tweets.

Twitter Trend Analysis - Nations24

On Nations24, you can explore twitter trending hashtags of more than 450+ places around the globe according to continents and countries.

WOEID Lookup & Explore Trending Twitter Hashtags - Nations24


You can explore top trending twitter topics on Twitter and Nations24. Twitter only provides current Twitter Trends of many countries while Nations24 has trending twitter hashtags of more than 450+ places on the Earth along with Trend analysis of any hashtag or topic.

You can also view tweets of that topic and tweet on that topic to support that event or opinion.

Happy Tweeting:)

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