How to see Worldwide trends on Twitter[2020]

World Wide Twitter Trends

What are Twitter Worldwide trends?

Worldwide Twitter Trends are determined by Twitter’s algorithm. The hashtags or phrases become trending on twitter when users tweet on the same topic in a short period. When the users tweets on the same hashtag or topic from multiple locations then it becomes a Worldwide twitter trend. This usually happens when the thought or opinion matters many countries on the world or on the day of celebrated which is celebrated throughout the world or in the majority of the countries of the world.

For Example: People from over the countries of the world were actively involved in the movement against racism and hashtags such as #BlackLivesMatter, #NoRacism were trending worldwide.

Also on the New Year’s eve, Hashtags such as #NewYear, #HappyNewYear, #Welcome2021, #GoodBye2020 goes trending worldwide.

Twitter Explore Tab

Still Finding the “Worldwide” option in your twitter app to explore trending twitter hashtags worldwide. Sorry, you won’t be able to find it out as twitter has discontinued the Worldwide option and no longer shows the trending twitter hashtags on its website as well as in Android and iOS applications. But don’t worry you will be still able to see twitter worldwide trends on Nations24. 😊

How to see Worldwide Twitter Trends on Nations24?

  1. Go to Nations24 and click on the “Worldwide” card.
nations24 home page

2. Click on the “Explore Worldwide Trending Twitter Hashtags” button. You can also explore Yahoo’s WOEID Lookup below.

Worldwide Twitter Trends Home Page - Nations24

3. Yay! You can now see past 24 hours Worldwide Twitter trends. You can also visualize the trend analysis of a particular hashtag or topic. Click on the twitter hashtag or topic with tweet volume to analyze the trend.

Worldwide Twitter Trends - Nations24

4. You can visualize the rise or fall in number of tweets of a particular hashtag or topic. Click on the “View tweets on Twitter” button to view all the tweets including that hashtag or phrase on Twitter. Click on the “Tweet” button to tweet and support that opinion or though.

Worldwide Twitter Trends Analysis - Nations24

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Since Twitter discontinued Worldwide options in the Explore menu, you can still watch Worldwide Twitter trends on Nations24. Also, the trends on Twitter website or application are dynamic and changes frequently considering millions of tweets per second on twitter, On Nations24, you can explore Twitter Trends of past 24 hours and of 450+ locations of the world.

Nations24 is responsive and works on all browsers including Google Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Microsoft Edge and more and is accessible from any device such as Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and smartphone.

Happy Tweeting 😊

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  1. What if I don’t want to have it on just one location? What if I want to see worldwide trends all the time I’m on twitter? I can’t visit a different website for something that can be shown here. I had it on worldwide before now and I wanna change back!!! That change didn’t make anything easier. It made it harder even. Like I’m not interested what trending in Georgia, I already live there. I wanna know what general population of the world talks about at the moment

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